Thursday, June 20, 2013

The flood hits the Altmark

In the last weeks a big flood irrupt all countries next to the river Elbe.
A hard hited region is the Altmark were we are at home... In the western part of the Altmark next to the village Fischbeck a huge dike break happened. The dieke broke
about 100 meters length. Millions of liters water overflowed the countryside.
Here we are sitting on top of the city wall in Tangermünde. Behinde us the sea named river Elbe.
Here is the flooded harbor of Tangermünde.
Normaly it is possible to park cars and walk next to the dock. 
Here we ar on the step of a stairs which is ending an a lot of smelly Elbe water.
Here we are next to the city wall in Tangermünde. We want to walk a bit but the path was flooded.
Here is the Rossfurt a city gate net to the harbor in Tangermünde.
On the wall we are able to read off how the water was standing days befor we visit Tangermünde!

We are so happy that Stendal is save...

And we hope that the natural catastrophe comes to an end!

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