Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cooking School

Today we enjoyed the lawn full of dandelions in front of our door.
For many hours we filled our backpacks with dandelion flowers.
Then we had to sort out every piece of green leaves as they were not allowed to get into the pot. 
Our cooking effort was rewarded with some delicious dandelion jelly which we were allowed to eat alone. 
Being in the cooking mood we thought that we could give our host mom a helping hand in the kitchen. All the eggs from our chickens have brought us to the idea that we could make spicy eggs. First we had to cook lots of eggs. 
Then we have cut onions and boiled the broth. We had to put lots of things into the pot.
Then everything had to be filled in a really big glass. We could imagine how the eggs would then feel
Finally we were done. It was quite exhausting. Now we have to wait for a few days until we can taste the eggs. 

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