Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our last day on rig K15 FA 1

Hey Paul! The methanol pump failed and I fixed it!
The well keeps running Paul! Yesterday we made allmost one million m³
And on this work station we can make the software changes! Once this is done the pump will keep going on pumping methanol…
Look Paul, this is Dennis from Yokogawa! He agreed with our software changes!
OK Hans! Now let us have a walk arround and we have to look also for other men….
… like Ronald! He has to go into a confined space maybe filled with nasty wanky gas and so he has to use a mask with a filter!
Nice weather!!! Not windy, not cloudy,… just great!
Terry has a blue hard hat! We have to ask for a helmet in blue or maybe pink bevor we start the next trip like this.
awesome weather, isn´t it Paul?
Yes Hans it is!
But we have to give a hand to the workers here on the rig! Otherwise they will not invite us again Paul! Let us move this samples to the lab! BTW: Why they call it "monsters"?
Well Hans I don´t know and I don´t care! Let us enjoy the weather for this last hours on board! Tomorrow we will fly back to the beach if there is no fog!

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