Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the way home

To learn some knots is a usefull thing! At home they will ask, what we learned offshore…
And again we are the first in the gallay! And again we have to wait for the dinner because of being to early!
Dennis and Eugen, have a nice flight! And take care!
Hans, do you thing it is a good idea to travel in this pocket?
no, it isn´t Paul!
Paul, I looked out of the choppers window and all I have seen is water!
come on Hans! We checked out and we will go home! Just million kilometers to go with the car…
Hans, but there is not much traffic on the road! No we can lay down and hav e sleep for some kilometers….
OK Paul! I´m happy to get my new hat! I orderes it a cuple of days ago.
And now we are ready to move back home to Stendal! Just got the tickets! It was a very interessting jurney to the crazy people offshore on K15FA. Thanks a lot!!!

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