Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A nice sightseeingtour in Burgum only for us!

Our Home for the time in the Netherlands...
At first we went to the canal. My family goes there all the time, and our host had fond memories of that place. It's quiet, peacefull, wide views and the sound of water. Because it's fall, there are less tourists but in the summer the canal is crawling with sailingboats and little pleasure cruizers.
It was the ancient church in our village. It dates back to the late 12 century. It's still standing eventhough the original monestry has been broken down. The street is still called after it.
Hans and Paul just sat down, took in the view and relaxed in the sun. It was a true pleasure. (mail 2)
The view was excellent but it was time to go to the next location.
Our village has a lot of trees. Really. A lot. Most of them are standing for a long time, but lately an illness has been flattening the chesnuttrees. But those are quickly replaced. Around the church it is also very green. We took another break and sat down to take a long look at the church. In contrast to many countries, our churches are always closed. Except on Sunday for service. So we didn't see the great organ and the inside.
Next stop: the harbour.
The canal was dug in 1949-1951 and it has a little harbour for pleasure ships and sailboats. Larger ships can dock along the canal on several locations and on the other side of the canal ships are built! Real big ships.
When we turned around they saw an original harbour house. Again, a big tree.. And more water. The house was the residence of the director of the Cheese Factory. It's a rural community and all those cows make plenty of milk for making cheese. Our cheese was famous, but nowadays it's nowhere to be found. Helas.

The last stop was a "State" or in english, Estate. A large house with plenty of grounds to play, sit, enjoy and see bulbs in spring coming up. It's a very popular place for peoples wedding pictures. Later the fun can continue inside; there is a party room! Again, closed on regular days, so no peaking inside.

Tomorrow the last pictures will make. A friend of us will take us on a little tour around the mail-center where he work.
Then, we will get ready to go home again.

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