Saturday, November 12, 2011

A day of work with Monique

We got the possibility to go with our host to her work last week.
Just as we got there, the big truck had arrived to deliver our mail. We have to sort it all out and we and Thomas (my mail friend) had a great time in the sorting boxes.
At first they were empty, but as soon as the work was done, they got filled up again and no more room for playing.
Then they took a ride in the mail carrier, with tv guides. They have to be delivered too.
And when I get all my mail for the route that day, I'm on my way!
We and Thomas came along for the ride. But no pictures of how that looked, Monique had her hands full!

We had a great time, and a great trip getting home and arrived safely.

Monique and Thomas wish us lots of fun on the next trip!

Thank you Monique for being us a great host!


  1. Thank you ! We had great fun and I wish you lots of fun on your next trip.

    Greetz, Monique and Thomas.

  2. THANK YOU!!! Stay with us on your mind! And tell frinds about our project! Best whishes!