Monday, October 25, 2010

We visit the place Almagro in Ciudad Real

Last week, Aurora took us to Almagro, a little but nice village near Ciudad Real, about 25 kms far from home.
Almagro is a well known place because its theatre culture and traditions.
The International Festival of Classic Theatre is celebrated there every year in July.
Many plays are played in this month but also in almost very months of the year.
We visited nice places like these:
When we arrived to Almagro, we had a cup of lemongrass tea because it was a little cold outside.
There we met some ToyVoyagers from Germany and France: Wieka the white bat and Malm, a little and nice orange malm from France.
This is the Main Square en Almagro. It is very famous because its little wooden green houses and alleys under them. They are from the 15th Century.
This is Almagro City Hall and Council. It is one of the oldest councils of Spain.
The pink lace is a symbol for supporting investigations in breast cancer in women
We think we can live in one of these little houses... They are really tiny ones!
Almagro is famous because its lace making art. Almost every women in Almagro can make lacing art.
The product they make are really good pieces of art.... and very expensive ones!
A simple bridal veil could cost about 2000€
This is the statue in honor to the Lace Makers Women, called "La Encajera", another symbol of the village.
After a great evening in Almagro, we went back home where Aurora and some friends made a tasty and great bacon, black olives, goat and mozzarella cheese pizza in the oven...
Hmmmmmmm... it was so good!!
We are living Ciudad Real on Monday. We have a great time over here, but we miss Johannes so much.
Now, we are on the way home waiting where we are going to travel next time.

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