Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We visit Ciudad Real in Spain

Autumn is already here and after three days of pouring rain, we had a look to Ciudad Real, the city we are staying with Aurora.
It is a little but nice place to live and many places to visit.
Toledo Gate. This is the main monument in Ciudad Real. The city used to be walled several centuries ago and this is the unique part that exists nowadays. This was the Northern gate of the city.
Deputy Building. This is the beautiful Deputy Palace, places in the city centre.
There was a little fir in front of the Deputy Palace.
This is the front gate of Merced Church, a little church next to the Deputy Palace.
We found a nice park in the city centre called "El Prado". There was a little statue of a musician that wrote the himn of the city festival called "La Pandorga"; celebrated in August.
In this park there was a little music house where the city band plays every Thursday nights in summer.
We spend a while resting in this park. It was nice.
Then, we arrived to the Main Square where the city hall is placed. It seems to be a Dutch building or so, but not a Spanish one.
This is the back part of the city hall building...

Aurora is telling us that we are going to visit Almagro, a wonderful village at 23 kilometres far from here.
We can't wait to go there!!!!!

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