Thursday, August 26, 2010

Father's Day

Hi again! Today is August 8 - Father's Day! We went out to a traditional Chinese restaurant to celebrate. First of all, we thought it would be more classic to order dumplings. Well, the dictionary says this is called "Pot Sticker". It is very common, and it is actually the first time for me and Hans to eat such thing! There is some emat in the middle, with very chewy surface. We like dumplings, especially when you dip one in soy sauce. It is most excellent!
This is the other side of dumplings.
We also tried "Scallion Crepe", which is made out of flour, Chinese onion and perhaps some pepper. If you don't think it is salty enough, you could also dip it in soy sauce, but that way, it is too salty!
Another sort of classic Chinese food is "Wonton". It is usually boiled in boiling water, and the Chinese people eat it with chili pepper, or sometimes they boil it with soup. Both ways are delicious. I also tried this (wonton with oil made out of chili pepper) for the first time. Wow, it was very spicy!
After dinner, we ate "Pearl Barley" (also known as Job's tears?). As you can wee, it is white, and very soft after boiled. And you could simply mix it with anything you want - soy bean (but Angel says this is rare), mung beag (also known as green bean), red bean etc. We ordered "Pearl Barley" with jelly and mung bean - Not too sweet, and it is especially tasty when the weather is hot! The shop is crowded!

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