Thursday, July 8, 2010

A day at th Cheng-Ching Lake

We are about to leave for Angel's home - We can tell, it is around 12:30 pm, and the temperature is higher than 35C. We cannot stand with it!

This is indeed how Cheng-ching Lake looks. It is very close to where Angel works. Most of the time, people come here ti ride bikes, and some are here for work, while some just drive or walk pass by.

Chen-Ching Lake Baseball Field! The Taiwanese baseball teams come to this field to compete. Perhaps we will not attend any of the baseball matches, but, at least we have finally seen the stadium, in person.

Hey there, can you see me, can you see me? I am sitting on the stone!

I am now in Niao-song Wetland Park. See the background? You could also call it a swamp, or something like that. So, it is a place set to protect birds, crabs and some rare spieces. This is the very first constructed wetland (artificial) in Taiwan, and was founded on 24th September, 2000. If you are lucky enough, maybe you will see some birds flying around the wetland!

Now we are standing in front of the entrance of Niao-song Wetland Park.

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