Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The last day in Stendal

We put all things in to the traveling box which are important. These include some Postcards from Stendal and Germany as a present for our host.
We said good by to Johannes.

Juped in to our box...
...and laid down.
Johannes closed the box.
But the next morning the sweet little baby want to said good by to us too.
Johannes packed the box in to paper.
Put the Adress and som sticker on the smal parcel and brought us to the Postoffice.
In the Postoffice the amicable Heidi Babel took delivery of us. She put nice stamps on the box and now we leave Germany. We are looking forwards to meet Angel Su in Taiwan.

We are glad that we travel by registered post this time.

So Taiwan and Asia we are coming...

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