Thursday, June 24, 2010

The first night and day in Taiwan

It was the last night of Angel's car-driving lesson, and the car was a manual transmission car. We had lots of fun sitting in the car because the speed remained at around 40 km per hour! That was super fast because the place wasn't specious! Tomorrow, is another big day of her - The car-driving road exam!
Just want to show how clear the sky was this morning!
Out new host, Angel, just came back from the exam. Fortunately, we were there witnessing the entire progress. Everything went really well, also, she got her license! After that, we walked back home, and took a few pictures. There are so many tall buildings in the neighborhood! We can not believe it, since skyscrapers are so rare in Germany! In Angel's neighborhood, we guess there are more than 7 buildings over 15 floors!
And we saw a McDonald's on the way home.
We were standing on the counter, at which Angel works now. It is the so-called "Convenience Store", which is very common in Taiwan.
He is our new friend (though he did not want to tell his English name plus he is shy), and is Angel's colleague! A very talkative guy!

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