Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wedding anniversary

Today the recently wedding couple had the idea to go downtown to search once more for some furniture... and they proposed to go together with ipue and her husband, and of course she was so kind to take us with her!!! ;-) So we went to some chair galeries to choose one type of chair and request a series.. and we were so happy ipue profite to take a pic of us playmos....
After instead of going home we understood ipue's son had chosen another road but not straight home!?! And finally we went to a very large area with a very large building inside, built like by LEGO... Oh, we were so astonished... There is a hotel, a swimming pool, restaurant, coffee-shop, wedding palace and much more..... And a beautiful park around!
Ipue's son adviced us to go into the coffee-shop! boahhhh - how beautiful.. It's a long time, perhaps about 1o years, ipue hadn't been here and it was a real surprise!What a large long crystal luster, how beautiful furniture, the columns decorated by beautiful glass tiles and so on.. A very cosy place!
And when we sit down ipue's son & wife met a vase with flowers (stolen from the park... hehe..) on the table and congratulate their parents for their 41th wedding anniversary!
Lucky ipuenktchen & husband!
(they will be registered as a WORLD CULTURAL HERITAGE very soon)

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