Tuesday, May 11, 2010


But on the way we had a VERY rainy, stormy, foggy, snowy weather - well, it's the coldest area of IR in the mt sabalan highlands!!!!
At 28th april was the great date we went to the city of ipuenktchen's son2's gf asking for the daughter's hand in marriage! By accepting their mutual proposals we celebrated the engagement!
Everything happened during TWO DAYS!!!
And everybody is so happy!!!
And me, I was so happy, that ipue took all the playmos with her!!!
Although her elder son asked her not to let out the playmos there... Harharhar...
The day after was fixed to celebrate the wedding ceremony! Wow... it seems we are the first travelling toys taking part in a marriage!?!? Unbelievable!!! We were sooooo excited!
And naughty ipuenktchen finally took a photo of us at the wedding table!
Well, in Iran it's a great thing to get married and still not only a matter between the young couple, but their parents are involved, too! It's a huge question if the father of the girl accept the proposal and in which way... And the father of the guy has to support his son! It's a great job to finish this and everybody agrees.

The bride's father had invited for lunch!
But there is also a huge difference in an arranged marriage, where the guys will be proposed to get married with a special daughter choosen by his mom or sister, they hadn't perhaps seen each other never before until they are going to the house of the girl to announce the guy!? But for many guys this is nowadays no longer possible!
The playmo guests tired and happy ready to go back home to tabriz to ipue's!
And so we wish all the best to the nice wedding couple. - happiness, healthy, wealthy!

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