Friday, February 12, 2010

Short vacation at the baltic island Usedom

Before we leave Stendal I have to clean the car. Snow is everywere...
Now I have to program the sat nav.
Ready to leave Stendal.
It is freasing cold and I am on the pier in Zinnowitz a nice beach resort at the nice island Usedom.
Have a look at the ice floes at the beach.
Nice villas at the sea front in Zinnowitz.
A bench with a lot of snow...
This is a big xylophone. It is a kind of artprojekt at the sea front.
A sunny and cold afternoon at the Achterwasser.
The harbor of Zempin at the Achterwasser. It is a harbor for sailboats.
Some fishing nets.
The fishing boats are frozen in the dock.
The Achterwasser is an ice desert - far and wide only ice
The fisherhouses next to the Achterwasser. Today thay are used as vacation apartments.
Icicle at the edge of a thatched roof

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