Thursday, February 25, 2010

Arrived in Tabriz, Iran, in Ipuenktchen's home!

*Uaaahhh* - how long did I sleep? The postman - believe it! - came by a motorbike! Because my new host is living outside of the city center! And where am I? Ohhhhh - they are still speaking my mother tongue!? But something has changed...?! Because I heard different languages on my way to the next host!

I'm clever and looking at the addy of my *sleeping-box* :-0 I'm in IRAN!!! Unbelievable! How Hans would be so jealous, if he knew about?!

My host welcomed me very warm; she was waiting such a long time, as she told me... since june 2oo9 or something like that, when it happened that Hans disappeared... and she was very happy about my souvenirs I brought for her from the places I had been to before!

But... I'm a bit sad, and a very small tear comes in my eyes... because my host told me she had to go out, to a kind of mourning ceremony and there are only women allowed... hmmm... I noticed here is something different!

OK - I'm cool - decided to be relaxed! :-)

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