Monday, August 29, 2016

Our last day in Norway

 On Sunday we decided to have a calmer day, it was our last day with Pamela and Runar and we were invited to the birthday party of Eli, one of the friends of the guys.

In the birthday party we helped making the pasta salad and setting the table.

 The cake was delicious!! We wanted to eat more, but we had to share.
 We had to hide because Ajjo, the family dog, was trying to sniff us, and we got scared. But at the end we noticed he was very friendly and he only wanted to play.

 We went back to Pamela’s house and some local birds came to say hello, one of them is a Puffin and the other one an Oystercatcher, we thought that they had very interesting beaks!

 Pamela is actually from México, and she has a YouTube Channel about her life and experiences in Norway, and she made a video about us!! Here you can see us helping her with the edition of the video. She said the video will be ready next week!! (Her channel is Pame Koselig, Mexicana en Noruega)

Finally, it was time to say good bye, we had a very nice time here. In the picture you can see us packing our things, we decided to bring a small banana for the road because sometimes we can get very hungry when traveling. It is time for us to go to our next adventure!!

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