Monday, October 19, 2015

We visit the "Grimmwelt Kassel"

Our new hometown has a new a attraction: The Grimmwelt, a museum about the lifes of the most famous people who ever lived in Kassel - the Brothers Grimm.

Here you  can see a giant inkpot that shows how much ink the Grimms spent during their lifetime.

The Brothers Grimm are famous for their collection of fairy tales, but in fact their attempt to put together a complete dictionary of the German language is the greatest achievement of their worklife. Here you can see a collection of evidence for the use of the word "Zettel". They couldn't finish their work during their lifetime.

The long history of their dictionary is told in paper dioramas.

Here you can see frontpages of the dictionaries.

Butof course there are also fairy tales. For example: We met the frog prince.

We listened to Rumpelstiltkin  in different languages.

From the top of the building we had a great view over the roofs of Kassel.

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