Saturday, August 8, 2015

Second day in St. Petersburg

On the next day we visited the famous Eremitage

  It is a very impressive museum. It is huge and the rooms are all very beautiful.

 Before you are able to visit the museum you have to stand in line, on an Sunday morning it took one hour ...

 But it is worth it! Because of the great wooden floor we had to leave our high heels at home :) (it is forbidden to enter the museum with high heels and the this is very special in Russia where we mostly saw women wearing them)

 After a couple of hours we were exhausting of walking around and left the building. If you want to see all artworks there you need more than 4 days to visit all 350 rooms.

Whats great about St. Petersburg, too? There are still some old Ladas moving around. My grandpa used to drive one when we were young...

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