Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maintenon and Louis XIV's canal

 Today the weather was grey but with no rain, so Nadia took time to walk along the "Louis XIV's canal" with us.
What is it ? It's an unfinished project from Louis XIV's time. His Royal Domain of Versailles needed a lot of water for its fountains then it was decided to divert the Eure river near Chartres and use it through aqueducs and canals. This work was unfinished because of war and epidemic. From it remain the great Aqueduc of Maintenon and some channels needed to bring materials to build it. The one along the Voise river is still called the "Louis XIV canal" and is not navigable. It passes through a few villages near Gas.
Maintenon's castle is closed during winter time but we can have a look from outside. It was the residence of Mme de Maintenon (mistress then secret wife of Louis XIV).
Look how nice ! The unfinished aqueduc was keeping because it was supposed to give a "romantic touch" We can see it at the very bottom of the picture.
 There are bridges and canals and lot of green places in the town .... we even saw squirrels running
 We weren't able to see the aqueduc more precisely because the castle's park is a new golf practice and is no more free to walk ....
Nadia tried to show it from the road ... Do you see the arches with vine ?
 Then we have followed the Louis XIV's canal from Maintenon through a few villages. Paths have been  laid to walk along it. It's a beautiful ride with forests, stones bridges and Hans and Paul were playing with the ducks and geese
It was a nice afternoon to breath deeply and enjoy nature...

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