Monday, November 25, 2013

We visit the Comb of the Wind

en route to the sculptures we can see the island of Santa Clara more closely. When the tide is very low you can go walking to it by those stones! But that happens very rarely
Here we come at last to the comb of the winds!
 The Comb of the Wind is one of the best known works of sculptor Eduardo Chillida and one of the most famous in the city. The whole work consists of three steel sculptures curved. They are embedded in rocks and in direct contact with the sea in an area that the waves and the wind hit hard. The twisted comb some see in the sculptures along with the wind whipping the area usually give the name to the work.

 We found That One of them is fenced by temporary landslides...
 there are many waves!
 Alongside the work of Chillida was conditioned area with an underground tunnel through which water enters hard when high tide is raging and ejects jets of water into the sky through holes provided for such purpose, creating a very characteristic sound, what makes Chillida's work not only for visual appeal but even older children have enjoyed it.

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