Sunday, May 19, 2013

Staying with NaeKoBa

Today we visited our host mom's little sewing room. 
There she tailors, sews and creates lots of amazing things, especially colorful clothes for her children... 
and handbags. 
It's hard to understand why women are so obsessed by their handbags. 
But this one was really cute - we have to admit. 
We were allowed to dig inside all the boxes full of fabrics and yarns waiting for the sewing machine. 
And then we came up with an idea ... 
Secretly we crawled into a box under the sewing table. 
We found a very special piece of cloth, which we had to show our host mom.
What we did with the fabric we found is a secret that we will tell you another day. 
 We are thrilled. 
You can find out more at: 

 Hans and Paul

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