Friday, December 10, 2010

We visit Frankenmuth MI

Tina and her fiance' took us to a wonderful little town called Frankenmuth MI. This town is known as little Bavaria. It was really neat. We went shopping and saw some really neat things. We met a dragon, played chess with knights, had tea in a fairy tree house, took a dip in a butterfly pool, tried to cross a model of the Bavarian bridge, and even met SANTA. Before we left they wanted to show us a couple of the things Frankenmuth is know for, which is CHICKEN. They have two restaurants that serve huge family style fried chicken dinner. We also stopped at a store that celebrates Christmas year round. They have decorations and lights on every night no matter the time of year. The store was huge and had tons of Christmas decorations for sale. We even found a sign that shows how far away Berlin is to where we were. Hans is really excited to get to help decorate the Christmas tree next weekend, before we have to move on in our travels.
Talk to you soon,

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