Friday, April 24, 2009

My last day in Germany

Today is my last day in Germany. I am so nervous because of all the new things I will get to know. But today I made a small walk through my home town Stendal.

My friend Johannes put me into his pocket and than we went to the town. You can't see me, wait...

In Stendal we visited the "Roland", an old Statue, which was an important symbol of the "Hanseatic time". The traders measured their cloth between his knees.

After this we drunk a Coffee and enjoyed the sun and the warm spring breeze.

Me in front of his big foot.

This is the whole Roland.

At home again I made the letter ready.

I wrote a postcard and put it in the envelope.

And than I jumped into the envelope and now my first journey can start...

I am looking forward to it

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